Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So let's try that again...

I made this blog last summer after I realized that having a book blog on tumblr wasn't very effective. However, I made this blog right before school started, so I never had time actually do anything with it. My school is pretty demanding with two majors and a minor, plus at least one extracurricular a day and a job (which is also blogging)- so there was no way to fit in time to maintain this blog. But now- school is out, so that means lots of time for reading. I really like using a blog a way to record my thoughts on my reading, so I hopefully that is what I'll do!

I thought I'd talk for a sec about the reading I've done this year. Here is a small stack of the books I read this year:

I took three English classes this year (I'm an English major- but I'm also majoring in French and minoring in Education, so I had to take stuff for that too). One was on the literature of India. We read five novels really in depth: Kim, A Passage to India, Midnight's Children, The God of Small Things, and The White Tiger. I took a course called "Thinking With Abbeys" which was based on my favorite TV show, Downton Abbey. We read a ton of books for it- Barford Abbey, Lark Rise to Candleford, The Romance of the Forest, The Monk, Don Juan, The Horrors of Oakendale Abbey, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and lots of snippets from other novels and poems as well. My final class was a course on Fiction Writing. We read a lot of strange, independent novels that all focused walking. I also took a French course on Parisian Literature, where I read a lot of stories about Paris and as well as Irene Nemorosky's novel Suite Fran├žais. I did a tiny bit of pleasure reading where I could, reading Just One Day by Gale Foreman and A Summer in Europe by Marilyn Brant. 

In all, I real at ton this year, but yet I can't wait to start summer reading. I finished my first read of the summer, The Paris Wife by Paula McClain, which I look forward to writing about soon! I just started The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, so hopefully I'll finish that soon as well.

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