Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello Blogger

Hello fellow book lovers!

I've had a book blog on tumblr for the past two years. I've posted on and off for a while, but this summer after my first year at the University of Notre Dame as an English Major, I decided to start book blogging seriously. However, the more I blogged on tumblr, the more I realized that there is a lack of a book blogging community on tumblr and that the real party is over here on Blogger/Blogspot (what is this thing called?).

So I'd super love if I could start to get to know my fellow bloggers over here. If you find this, no matter who you are, leave a comment and say yo!

There are links to all my tumblr reviews thus far under: All the Reviews. From now on, I'll post all my reviews to this site and my tumblr, so follow me on one or the other and welcome the journey!

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